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So, like the layout? Pretty, hmm? Yeah, so anyways...I came back to CT last Monday ::sigh:: and YES I do miss Houston. But, I am just going to be a reklus(sp?) from everybody for like a month or two, basicly just work work work! Yeserday was my birthday so now I am 19 (yay!!) I started work on Thursday and MAN it is not the same because everyone!! has Nextel or Verizon wtf! 60% of Houston has T Mobile and like .5% of Milford has T Mobile, and people have there damn heads up there ass! Thats the East Coast for ya. I mean I made some sells but today, Sunday, aka "Money Day" I sold 1 phone, one upgrade, and one T class. Damn, and my manager in Houston told me the store sold 17 straight activations and like a shitload of upgrades yesterday! DAMNIT!! Well, the regional at Nextel asked me for a interview on Thursday so I will see whats up! Bah. I wanna go into the car sales bussiness, I will rock shit if I do, why? Because Im a DAMN GOOD sales person, hands down. Everyone who knows me knows Im a people person/chatterbox. Houston it was EASY to sell these phones too but here u need to HUSTLE. I can but I mean, SHIT! Trumbull Mall sells alot more than CT Post, so it's the mall, not us, thank god. This gal that I work with says I just need to adjust to the mall and I will be fine, because Ive only been there for like 2 days. They all watch me pitch sales and says Im good, which makes me feel better, but like I said, I know Im good at sales. YEAH. Blah. My 'rents are getting me a Explorer. I miss my ford 'ranger' at Cali and I miss my 'thunderbird' in TX. I never took my licence test either LMAO, its all good, Im a safe driver =/ I need to get it because this car is going to bought from a dealership! So, I will be MIA in the real world besides work for a month or 2, so..haha I'll writing in this often, well not the real world, MIA from a social life of some sort. Later.
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