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we aLL need a friend, and mine is a G-U-N [entries|friends|calendar]

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yup [Sunday
August 7th, 2005
[ mood | calm ]

So, like the layout? Pretty, hmm? Yeah, so anyways...I came back to CT last Monday ::sigh:: and YES I do miss Houston. But, I am just going to be a reklus(sp?) from everybody for like a month or two, basicly just work work work! Yeserday was my birthday so now I am 19 (yay!!) I started work on Thursday and MAN it is not the same because everyone!! has Nextel or Verizon wtf! 60% of Houston has T Mobile and like .5% of Milford has T Mobile, and people have there damn heads up there ass! Thats the East Coast for ya. I mean I made some sells but today, Sunday, aka "Money Day" I sold 1 phone, one upgrade, and one T class. Damn, and my manager in Houston told me the store sold 17 straight activations and like a shitload of upgrades yesterday! DAMNIT!! Well, the regional at Nextel asked me for a interview on Thursday so I will see whats up! Bah. I wanna go into the car sales bussiness, I will rock shit if I do, why? Because Im a DAMN GOOD sales person, hands down. Everyone who knows me knows Im a people person/chatterbox. Houston it was EASY to sell these phones too but here u need to HUSTLE. I can but I mean, SHIT! Trumbull Mall sells alot more than CT Post, so it's the mall, not us, thank god. This gal that I work with says I just need to adjust to the mall and I will be fine, because Ive only been there for like 2 days. They all watch me pitch sales and says Im good, which makes me feel better, but like I said, I know Im good at sales. YEAH. Blah. My 'rents are getting me a Explorer. I miss my ford 'ranger' at Cali and I miss my 'thunderbird' in TX. I never took my licence test either LMAO, its all good, Im a safe driver =/ I need to get it because this car is going to bought from a dealership! So, I will be MIA in the real world besides work for a month or 2, so..haha I'll writing in this often, well not the real world, MIA from a social life of some sort. Later.

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July 26th, 2005
No more friends only on this hoe. There's nothing too private for anyone to read anyways. My journal looks like caca anyways, I'll fix it asap..aka when I feel like it. Blah blah blah...I sure will miss it here but I'll be back soon. When I'm R E A D Y. But anyways, the transfer is all ready so I can begin to work right when I come back. Oh one more time....

me love you long times.
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Bad NewsSsS [Friday
December 12th, 2003
title or description

yup..you've guessed it..FRIENDS ONLY
"ok ok big man ju wanna make some big bucks?"
i don't want some cockaroaches reading my personal info so im gonna keep a eye on who reads this :)
"you know something bout cocaine?"
my life consits of real issues/problems, and of course drug use, guy problems, and sex..if you are immature and can't handle those topics then don't bother asking to be on my friends list, k?
"..my boss gonna kill you faster than a rabbit gets fucked"
so, just comment and i'll more than likely add you back :) if you're cool then hey, im a cool chica too so we'll get along and everything will be peachy keen! comment sometimes and we'll be strizzle, dont start no shit wont be no shit. its simple!
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